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  • The story I see unravelling behind a photograph

    “Photography is the story I fail to put into words.” Dustin Sparks, Landscape photographer. Two-and-half years have passed since I received a cathartic gift — my first sophisticated camera, a Nikon 5600.  Thoughts experienced on that..

  • Mayhem, peeing dogs and the bigger picture

    Time stands still for no-one. Time doesn’t care if you’re out of action with a bad back, feeling extreme exhaustion, facing a seemingly endless list of tasks. Many hardworking, well-intended mums and dads around the..

  • Confessions and my big WHY

    Today it’s confession time! BIG TIME! I’m about to reveal an expensive secret that I have hidden in my home closets. All will be revealed shortly. It’s a world-first. You might consider the announcement as..