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Self-published by Sam Tench

Resilience is a pictorial roadmap chronicling my journey through the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. My story is relevant for all; together our individual stories of struggle reflect the experiences of our greater society.


Resilience is about adjusting our vision and nurturing ourselves through times of challenge and change.

8 reviews for Resilience – A Year in Pictures

  1. Julie Johnson (verified owner)

    Absolutely loved Resilience Sam and have read and viewed it thoroughly twice at least up to writing this review. Your introductory pieces were a great background as to the reason for it coming to be and very honest and raw about your reasons as to the origins of photography, the admissions about yourself to allow readers who know very little about you to be able to be taken on a journey through both your 2020 and our ability to relate to you and our recollections of what we experienced as well. There are wonderful accounts throughout which should be relatable to all readers in one form or another, it’s also a visual feast of fantastic photography along the journey. At first I wondered about the opening couple of chapters but as I started to really think about the calm then the storms ahead appreciated the cleverness of your approach from joy to accurate recording of a natural disaster and finally onto the darkness as we sank into the pandemic abyss. As I have been with you through all your blogs you already know that I will have known much of what you have revealed about yourself and your challenges and as I have been along with Mum’s story being a constant in her life across many black times she has sometimes confided things to me which I was never to repeat about her concerns and fears and both of you know that I am very good at keeping secrets. To cut to the chase as I do not know how much I am able to write in this review I will just convey some of my most memorable pics that really spoke to me and a few chapters which made my heart sing and cry at the same time so to speak. Pics that really got me in the feels were page 19 from the hollow tree, page 30 which reminded me of Port Arthur prison with that lockdown bolt, both chilling as it took me back to convicts and their isolation. I particulary loved the section about the rainbow as a symbol of hope, all the beautiful photography and narrative as well as anecdotes and keeping in touch with the street scenes. Loved the way you talked about the home learning and demonstrated how you tried to make it the best experience for your beautiful girls while still trying to keep your sanity which is what many others were doing as well. These chapters will be remarkable for you children to revisit as they grow and are sure to bring a spark to their eyes as they remember in future years what they have not quite been of an age to totally grasp in this place in time. Who will ever forget all those signs, the desolate places the fears of moving around even to just get essentials and the longing for connection during a terrifying time. Another aspect to your photography that I particularly picked up on is that never did you overuse images of your children as most of the time they are seen like yourself on the cover from the rear, a really fantastic choice and I applaud you for it. I had forgotton about that damn ring of steel but it brought it all clearly back to mind along with the fear I experienced when we were finally able to get back to Melbourne in 2021 to see Frozen with my daughter, daughter in law and 2 grandgirls just before we got locked up again. The conclusion left me slightly feeling hard done by until I turned and read the quote on the rear of the cover along with your words and it summed it up beautifully, made me cry again. I gave you five stars as I really believe that you achieved the goals that you had set for this book and did it magnifiently through both word and picture. Congratulations once again on completing this record of 2020 you deserve every word of praise that you will receive. P.S Can’t wait to read GT next Saturday and looking forward to where this takes you in the future. Always will have a keen and enthusiastic purchaser of whatever comes next here. Thanks for the memories, this is a piece of art which will be read and viewed by me many times over xxx Julie

  2. Tony (verified owner)


    A fantastic compilation of images from a very unique time.

    Some personally relatable pictures from the Airport in particular which had a 3rd airline commence just prior to going into lockdown and was very busy in early 2020.

    Images of people exercising with masks on is something that will be difficult to forget also.

    Health warnings during the lockdown informing how far people should exercise apart was also personally applicable and something that, for someone who has run recreationally for many years, somewhat confronting.

    Congratulations on capturing this time in our lives!

  3. Joel S

    A book with beautiful creativity in such a challenging time. I look upon many pictures and found my own path and similar feeling at different times throughout the book.
    A very real book and at the same time a book of hope and strength. Fantastic

  4. James (verified owner)

    Sam – As a fellow photographer it is easy to congratulate you on the emotive and creative images spread throughout the book, however as someone who has also worked through significant hardship through the eyepiece of Camera – I appreciate and admire the bravery in documenting the process in such an honest and confronting way.
    The journey and personal growth is clearly made evident not only by your writing but even within the images themselves. The images throughout clearly reflect the themes and emotions for the specific areas of text however also the growth of your professional photography skills and practices through the exploration of different styles.
    You’ve clearly developed a niche style of photography you enjoy and through this photography as well as writing – it has helped you overcome the hardship present for many years. Hopefully this can serve as inspiration and encouragement for those similarly affected.
    Keep up the fantastic work!

  5. Aurora Brooker (verified owner)

    After receiving Sam’s book in the mail, l couldn’t help but immerse myself into it straight away.
    I thought Sam did an amazing job of capturing what we could all relate to and had to endure during 2020, with the lockdowns, home-schooling, and being isolated, during a very challenging time in our lives.
    She expressed her feelings beautifully in her photography, and it gave me a sense of hope. I love everything about this book, and l now have it on my coffee table, so that everyone that visits,can enjoy it too xxx

  6. Stevie

    Such a beautiful, heartwarming book with gorgeous photographs, which we can all relate to so much! Thank you for sharing your incredible story Sam, and your life in photographs over this crazy time in the world. You are a truly talented photographer and person, the idea for the book is genius and the story is touching. Congratulations and thank you for bringing it to us xxx

  7. Elijah (verified owner)

    I was so inspired by this book that I even went out and purchased my own camera! The images offer so much perspective of the world around you that you might not see if you don’t go looking. Very talented in both the images and writings. Looking forward to seeing many more adventures in book number 2!

  8. Sarah

    This introduction was raw with your truth on how insecurities can be hidden through a lens. The strength to click that shutter button and influence the world through both pictures and your honesty in your struggles shows resilience. I will never understand from your perspective. In that respect, I can only comment on my take and my own life experiences, my eating disorder; they are never one size fits all. You’re an individual, and this book shines strength and demonstrates, perfectly, the resilience you capture.

    • ‘’my actions continue to prove Peter wrong; although I know this is one instance, he will be happy to be proven wrong.”
    This statement alone screams out to me. I have shared my struggles, my tears and my traumas and have had to hide my strengths at every time I make a step forward, in fear that I would fail; after all, when you feel that all you do is let others down and also yourself, you cannot let down anyone any further. One of many teachable moments throughout my battle is that such a thought stems from a feeling; it is not a fact.

    Most people are proud of any step forward we take and are supportive when fallbacks occur. I don’t have a book yet, but I hope to soon start writing my story too, as this is one of my many goals in this life: like you, to hold my words in my hands with pride, not shame, no fear. I understand the insecurities of wonders, what-ifs, and who do I think I am; the fear that no one will care or want to read the words my fingers tap out. However, I have learnt that’s not what I am doing this for; I am doing this for me, to follow my path of healing, expression, and strength.

    • ‘’I’ve been frequently asked what, ‘’what are you working on?’ And,’’My reason for not sharing was a need to protect myself in case of failure.’’
    Sam, stepping outside the wall of your ED to confront hysteria and fear in your bid to capture your year, is a great accomplishment alone.
    You demonstrate resilience throughout A Year in Pictures and provide inspiration for others to venture forth, too.

    __ Sarah Bailey

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