• Determination photo by Sam Tench

Capture your story

Everyone has stories, and I am here to help you preserve your story. My mission is to portray and reveal each person’s story through the photos I take. I am passionate about capturing reflections of real or everyday life. My photographs go beyond the surface level to help reveal the story beneath that makes each photo and each person unique.

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“I didn’t choose photography, photography chose me.”
– Gerardo Suter

My trusty Cannon camera and me are like best friends.

My camera has helped to save my life and given a part of me back to my family. Seeing the world through the lens has helped me to come out of my shell and begin a journey of discovery. With my camera I experience life as it unfolds right outside my front door. I call this camera-and-me time my own personal kind of meditation, where I become immersed in capturing moments as they occur. I record precious moments that I want to keep. I love capturing them and freezing them forever.

Photography is my passion, and I strive to capture the world’s beauty with every photograph. I record the moments, the emotions, and the spirit of the moment.


The release of the Picture Healer signifies my big step in rebelling against an eating disorder’s demands to destroy myself. I have re-channelled the power of the destructive eating disorder into positive, self-enriching ventures with my camera. This is my decision, my journey, and I invite you to join me as I explore this freedom.