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  • Lockdown, take three

    Friday, February 12, 2021, delivered a slap in the face. Maybe I’m naive but I didn’t see this coming.  I feel severely misled because Victorians have been thrown into lockdown number three.  To clarify, when..

  • The good stuff is yet to come – this time, ED, you are the loser

    Time flies when you’re busy working on a mysterious new project while simultaneously trying to entertain two children during the school holidays. With children at home constantly, I tried to make up for the lost..

  • Happy New Year! The beginning of something new?

    New Year’s Eve is traditionally a time when people celebrate, watch fireworks, and dance the night away to bid farewell to one year and welcome in another.  It’s also renowned as a time when people..

  • After 2020, looking ahead to what’s next

    The year 2020 left many of us with an uncomfortable sense of living in a world of lingering unknowns. Regardless of how you see 2020, It’s worthwhile to look back, acknowledge and pat ourselves on..

  • Thoughts on a page

    “It’s 11.41 pm on Christmas Eve.   Tomorrow is a mere 19 minutes away.  I really can’t believe Christmas is about to descend upon us.  For me, this means another year of elf antics has now..

  • Making the Unimaginable Happen

    Following a long drive home from the country, this morning I happily woke in the comfort of my own bed. Waking up to the familiarity and coziness of my own bed is one of the..

  • On the road with elves and homemade banana bread

    This year has been characterized by extremes of feeling overwhelmed and underwhelmed. I admit I feel challenged, coming to grips with the notion that my children (who have spent most of the year at home)..

  • Mayhem, peeing dogs and the bigger picture

    Time stands still for no-one. Time doesn’t care if you’re out of action with a bad back, feeling extreme exhaustion, facing a seemingly endless list of tasks. Many hardworking, well-intended mums and dads around the..

  • Confessions and my big WHY

    Today it’s confession time! BIG TIME! I’m about to reveal an expensive secret that I have hidden in my home closets. All will be revealed shortly. It’s a world-first. You might consider the announcement as..

  • The ELF Countdown Begins

    With December soon to descend upon us, Elf preparations have become my world. Shortly after deciding to grant permission of entry to our ‘clan of elves’ for Christmas 2020, came a harsh realization: the luxury..