Happy New Year! The beginning of something new?

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New Year’s Eve is traditionally a time when people celebrate, watch fireworks, and dance the night away to bid farewell to one year and welcome in another.  It’s also renowned as a time when people make many well-meaning resolutions; only to break them almost immediately. Last year, however, was a different story. To avoid further spreading of COVID-19, we were encouraged to stay at home with our families and close friends to watch fireworks on TV.  In Australia, many states cancelled all pre-organised events, meaning there was little reason to go out and celebrate.

My New Year’s Eve (NYE) was spent at home with my trusty laptop. A last-minute change of plans meant I’d make the most of the quiet evening at home alone.  I didn’t feel embarrassed or sorry for myself or think it was a wasted night, far from it!  Despite being home alone, my NYE was time well spent.  Now I know what you may be thinking, “She sat at home, drank a bottle of wine, before waking the next morning with a killer headache!” Once upon a time, this could have been a possibility, but NYE 2020 turned out to be a very different experience.

In 2020, our world changed at a remarkable rate in a matter of just 12 months.   I recall an odd feeling that night; a sense of no real certainty of how any of us should feel or celebrate.  Other than surviving, why else would I celebrate 2020?  The latest COVID-19 outbreaks throughout Australia suggested that 2021 wasn’t off to an impressive start. So, as I sat in a house of silence, missing my family, I didn’t feel in a mood to celebrate; I was fine letting this one pass without a second thought.

“Blogging! That’s it,” I thought. “I have the house to myself, what a perfect opportunity to do some writing.”   As I sat considering my next blog’s theme, my mind continued coming back at me with blanks.  What would I write?   Usually, something is brewing in the back of my mind.  Even the smallest idea usually grows, taking on a life of its own. But this time, as I sat in blissful silence; nothing.  On New Years’ Eve 2020, I had time on my hands, and nothing to write.

I’m not sure what writers would typically do in a situation such as this. How do they seem to turn nothing into something magically?  I sat with no words; nothing to put on paper, eventually thinking, “Maybe the ‘blog fairy’ will come and write it for me!”  Postponing it wasn’t the answer either.  So, I sat, waiting for the year to tick over to 2021, a brand new year for which I had no expectations.  In an odd move for me, I turned the TV on (I never watch TV), and switched the channel to the news of the world (don’t ask, I don’t know why I chose the news), sat and took it all in. I watched the moments we’ll never forget, the tragedies, the heartbreak with little positive to speak about, as they filled the screen. That’s when it happened.  Something truly inspirational happened inside my mind as it took in the news of the world for 2020.

As I sat, watching the stories unfold, reflections of 2020 and the unusually quiet scenes broadcast live from our major cities; something came to me.  A brain-wave, a thought, a brilliant idea, only it had nothing to do with a blog! At the time I believed It was one hell of an idea and it hit me with such force, I couldn’t let it go, my mind simply wouldn’t allow that to happen. Now, anyone who knows me will also know I tend to jump headfirst into anything that captures my interest and inspires me to think about possibilities. I tend to jump without thinking, and that can be a real problem.  Guess what? Once again, I jumped, headfirst, straight in, and began laying ideas out in anticipation for what could be my next project.

How could I make this ‘idea’ come to life?  I began working on it immediately, forgetting about the blog I was supposed to be writing. My first task was to scan through my 44,000 photographs to ensure I had everything I needed to proceed.  Had I lost my mind?  In all honesty, this became an excellent opportunity to rediscover old photos I’d forgotten about.  Likewise, I gained valuable insight into how far I had come with the camera I received in early 2019.  As I flicked through folders of photos, more memories came rushing back, along with more ideas that would sit nicely in this mystery project. Eager to start, I wanted to complete the entire project in that one night! And so, I did what any reasonable person would do; sat with a laptop on my lap, news playing to itself in the background, working on this brilliant new idea until 2.30 am on the 1st of January 2021.

Are you wondering what this new mystery project is?  Unfortunately, I’m unable to reveal this project’s nature just yet even people in my own home have no idea! It’s a work in progress, and it’s teaching me a lot about myself and other endeavours that I’d not previously dared to consider.  I’d say this is a pretty good start to 2021 for me. Now, persistence is the key. I hope you too had a fun, productive, quiet NYE.  There are no rules, no judging, whatever felt right for you, was right for you.  Just be sure, never waste the time you have; every minute holds within it a great many possibilities.

More about this new project will be revealed over the coming weeks.


  1. Julie Johnson  —  20 January 2021 at 8:02 pm

    Interesting Sam waiting eagerly to see what your next venture will entail. I’m sure it will provide a challenge for you and something to think about for the remainder of us. Thanks for 2020, happy new year and looking forward to the next chapter. Cheers Julie

  2. The Pic Healer  —  28 January 2021 at 11:28 pm

    And to you too! It will be interesting. I can’t wait for all to be revealed!


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