Welcome to a different view: abstract photography

Welcome to the world of abstract photography!  Picture this.  It’s a  beautifully sunny day but a little too windy.  There I am, brand new tripod in hand, learning the basics, getting to know this new piece of equipment.  Was it a great day of photography?  In short, not at all!  The sand was blowing everywhere, in my eyes, all over my camera bag, even inside of my camera (it went for a professional clean afterwards!). The wind, so extreme the tripod kept falling, and the glare from the sun made it nearly impossibly to compose a decent shot.   Not ideal but persistence was my saving grace.

When I first looked at this shot, I wasn’t at all impressed!  That was until someone opened my eyes up to abstract photography; that’s what I had taken here. Looking at the picture in a completely new light and I loved it.  A new genre of photography suddenly opening up and presenting all kinds of opportunities that I would soon begin to explore further.

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