The beauty beneath the mundane

Think for a second. Who takes pictures from underneath a bridge? Who wants to see the nuts and bolts that hold a bridge firmly in place?  Herein lies the beauty of photography.  What we may have previously considered being unsightly objects or structures unexpectedly become the star of the show.  Parts that we would seldom take the time to notice, suddenly jump out as being the star attraction of a photograph. You may be surprised how much more interesting and striking shots can be when taken from underneath the bridge.

I’d undoubtedly choose to head beneath the bridge before making my way up to the top.  Looking at the photo below, taken from underneath one of Melbourne’s many sculptured bridges, hopefully, you too will experience what I am now able to see. The view from underneath can be glorious and breath-taking. It can be just the place to set the scene for some stunning views of light and shade along with a myriad of shapes and silhouettes that can make for some pleasing and eye-catching photographs.  Next time you’re in Melbourne or another city with bridges galore,  take the time to wonder underneath.  You never know what you may find.


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