My very own Álice in Wonderland’

I love this photo of my daughter as she navigates her way through a massive maze of beautifully hedged bushes.  This whimsical and childlike image reminds me of a similar scene in the story, ‘Alice in Wonderland’.  It leaves me wondering, ‘where is she going and which way will she turn next?’ Could this be a reflection of me as a child, travelling through a world of unknowns? So many unanswered questions surrounding this photo.

Shot in difficult conditions, white and grey cloudy skies combined with the dramatic effect of the maze,  I have a lot of shots under and overexposed; indeed no good for use.  I can recall the conditions on this day annoyed me greatly; just when I thought I was getting the hang of this thing, something else jumps out and challenges my mind and experience.   To my credit, putting myself in such extreme conditions has prompted me to experiment and research. Experiencing difficult conditions has led me to learn some vital skills to enable me to utilize my images of various exposures to create a look that is just right.

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