Moody Waterfront Evenings

This photo was captured at the Waterfront precinct in my local city.  When I took this photo, I was trying to develop a better understanding for taking pictures of sunsets. The sky is nearly always showcasing amazing shapes and colors around this time of day, it’s magic.  The two-toned sky featured in this photo is the perfect backdrop for the pier restaurant and the trees that almost look like shadows in front of the moody sky. There is a lot going on here but it all works beautifully together.

During the stage of my learning/ journey that this image was taken, I was pretty chuffed seeing this photo on my laptop, it gave me a much needed boost in confidence, “wow, I took that shot on a day out entertaining the kids”. Receiving positive feedback from others also helped in allowing me to acknowledge that I actually had taken an impressive photo, believe it!!!!  Of course, ED was still lurking in the background telling me a very different different story, I simply made the choice to drown him out with my healthy self, as much as I possibly could.

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