Discovering the beauty of flowers

It’s exhilarating to consider how many things I previously took little or no notice of that have swiftly become the subjects I now search for to photograph.  Another example right here, such unique flowers, I’ve never really been a flower person,  I appreciated and loved flowers, whenever I  received them, but that was as far as my appreciation would go.

I’d never wonder what kind of flower I was seeing and I indeed would never have contemplated taking a photo with my iPhone (what’s the point?).

Yet more recently, I’ve spent a lot of time photographing flowers and generally walking the streets in appreciation of the diverse range of flowers id find. This photo was taken very early on when I was trying to master the skill of creating a blurred background.  As often as I could, I’d go walking around the streets close to my home,  taking photos of all the flowers that caught my eye (which was a lot!).  I have quite the collection of flower photos now!    Some of them came out well, others not so well, but this one stands out in my mind for two reasons.

Firstly, this flower was a part of a considerably sized tree and featured a lot of flowers.  But as you can see, I did a great job of capturing that featured branch you see at the front.  It’s sharp, properly exposed and all the other flowers in the background are blurred out just as I had hoped.  At the time, this was a significant achievement.  Secondly, look at the picture, this tree full of flowers are lovely, and each of the colours works magically together, creating this calming, soothing and visually appealing image.

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