A different point of view

How often do you find yourself looking at beautiful flower from a side other than the front?   If you’re anything like me, NEVER would be a likely response.   That was until I began taking photos of them, discovering something very different and interesting about the humble flower, something I’d never been able to see before.    A flower is a unique mix of different shapes, colors, textures, outlines and so much more. This mixture of features is unique to each flower and can be quite striking and pleasing to the eye, whichever direction you choose to look at them from.

And so, on this day, with a vase of perfectly blossomed sun-flowers, my experimentation began.   I moved them to different rooms in the house, put them on different surfaces and in different lighting conditions.   I shot them from different angles, lying on the floor beside them, with varying focal ranges and even the reflection of the flower in my window rather than the flower itself. Such a fascinating process and gives one a greater appreciation for flowers and nature in general.

This photo, ‘a different point of view’, still claims the place of being one of my favorite pictures.  Taken earlier on in my experience with my camera, it all just works!   The combination of the Sun-flowers in front of the floor boards, the lighting and the detail featured on the back of the flower produced such an aesthetically pleasing result and a whole new way of seeing things in everyday life.

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