Photography Store

I’ve fallen in love with Photography. It’s full of surprises and keeps my mind eager to learn new skills. It continually nurtures my creative side. Yet, had you suggested photography to me even one year ago, I would have thought you were crazy. My eating disorder (ED) was firmly in the driver’s seat in my mind, stifling self-belief and ability to focus on anything other than weight, size, appearance and food intake. But here I am, 10 months after receiving the gift that changed the direction of my life. The gift that has given me the ability to develop new skill sets that are strengthening my healthy self and making ED redundant. Photography is taking the place of ED. It is freeing, it is easier, it is beautiful.

On this page very soon you’ll find some of my favourite and most meaningful photographs. Together with a few key people, they have literally saved my life. They bring happiness to my heart and instil a sense of pride.

If one of these photographs resonates with you in a deeply personal way, you will soon be able to place an order on the corresponding photo’s page. If you connect strongly with any of the photos in my photo gallery, feel free to message me with a request.