Photography has opened up a new world for me. For the first time, I can actually see and admire the world around me. Suddenly I can appreciate how lucky I am to live in a beautiful country, Australia. For decades, my eating disorder (ED) was all I could see and hear. I’d go walking for hours, consumed by what ED was telling me and be lucky if I even noticed a beautiful flower along the way.

Photography has given me something of my own to feel passionate about. I want to learn more about this craft; I want to study to accomplish my goal (due to ED, I’ve not had healthy goals before) of becoming skilled and being recognised as “Sam, the woman who takes amazing photos.” This is the first time in my life I’ve had something within myself to feel proud of; likewise, something to feel proud of and confident in sharing with the world.

Photography is teaching me a lot about myself. It has helped me to see deep within myself and to discover truths I’ve previously been unable to see or acknowledge. I have a creative and artistic side to myself and despite being told several times during my school years and adulthood that this was the case, I steadfastly believed I had little to offer. In the process of creating this website, admiring the photographs I take and reading the blogs I write, I’m becoming enlightened; I am starting to acknowledge and believe that I am more than just a woman with a family and an ED. Each day comes with a growing belief that I have more to offer the world and much to look forward to exploring life with my family and my new passion, photography. For this, I am truly grateful.